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LOOK! Fellow Husker fans, it's time we embrace someone young, fiery, and a true Nebraska man. Lane Kiffin is hands down the best coach on the market and someone who clearly aligns with what we're looking for both on and off the field. Has he made his mistakes?! YOU BET! Who hasn't at his age tho? He is arguably the best recruiter in the nation and a family man through n through!!! LK is the spark this University has been MISSING since Tom stepped down. Martinez, Kellogg? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We need a true NEBRASKA man!!! Lane has the chops to bring us back to prominence and get us BACK ON THE BOARD!!! Let's hear it, Cornhuskers!!! What do ya think about bringing LK to Lincoln and returning to the top, where we would be the CREAM OF THE CROP in college football?!? He consistently has TOP 10 recruiting classes and has the pro experience the top recruits want!!! He is a confident father and looking to CLEAR his name that has been drug through the mud for absolutely NO REASON! C'mon, Cornhuskers! Let's start this movement for LK and let's get back to the TOP!!!



-Unreasonably Rational but FED UP Cornhusker fan.

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I don't know guys. I came here for the first time today because I've had enough of this. We always go after some assistant from a big school. Why not mix it up and give Lane a shot? You guys content with this 8-4 BS each and every year? Lane really can recruit and I'm sure he's learned from his past. Let's do something different for Pete's sake.

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