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You're Bo. What changes do you make

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I hate to say it, if we want to continue with Beck and his passing attack, we need to find a QB who can pass. TA looks rough. I know he is young, BUT as a QB he should be able to throw a good ball. RKIII, same thing. They both look rough as passers. I would love to see us become smash mouth and pass when needed. Our recivers as the season progressed, seemed to regress as well. I was watching football Sun and one of the announcers said a receiver has to make the "routine" all the time and bring in a circus catch or two in order for teams to win. We are lacking in the routine........QB play would help


I would love to see bringing on a dedicated QB coach.

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If I'm Bo I make no changes. I just got a vote of confidence from my boss, nobody that matters cares how I behave, and enough of the fanbase is content with losing four games, three to lesser opponent


Underwear because he probably shat himself last night when he realized the enormity of what he said

From every thing i have heard, maybe number one would be how they practice. Ive heard from a lot of sources, and Damon Benning even said on Big red overreaction last night, that practice is very unorganized and useless. It makes sense with lack of discipline, lack of fundamentals, and lack of importance of taking care of the ball.


Number two would be strength and conditioning. Ive heard from person whos family is very good friends with a substantial player that it isnt very good and many players dont put hardly any effort into it. Whats worse is coaches dont care.

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1. Ban the players from Twitter.


2. Change the culture of negativity. There is too much "us-against-the-world," too much caring what the fans or the media think. Both coaches and players need to refocus on their role within the program so that they can actually enjoy going to work every day.


3. Overhaul the program's approach to public relations. The website needs a restart, but really, Nebraska needs to control the media narrative, rather than being controlled by it. That means giving more access at practice, giving more access to players and to coaches alike until there's no room for speculation.


When the media doesn't have anything to write about, they still have to write something - and that's when they start concocting narratives of their own. You have to feed them the narrative you want. If the coaches don't invite the media into a couple bowl practices to show them what they're doing to work on special teams or on turnovers, it's a mistake.


4. Change the way the team practices - more good-on-good, more full-contact, more full-speed


5. Hire recruiting staff similar to what Alabama has (this is probably more on Eichorst or on Jamrog).


6. Re-delegate special teams coaching duties. Somebody should be in charge of kick return, somebody in charge of kick coverage, somebody else in charge of punt return, etc.

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If I'm Bo I make no changes. I just got a vote of confidence from my boss, nobody that matters cares how I behave, and enough of the fanbase is content with losing four games, three to lesser opponents. Why should I change anything for these f'ing fans? Screw em, they'll miss me when I'm gone.

I understand people being upset. I'm at best surprised myself. But give it a rest. This is pure butthurt.


How are three of our losses to "lesser" opponents if they are two teams are currently ranked #11 and #22 and the other two have the same record we do? Can't be because they have an easier schedule because ours is about as easy as they come, right?


This isn't "butthurt" unlike many of my recent posts. This is actually how I think Bo responds based on what Ivewseen from him so far.


As far as three lesser teams, let me explain. Yes, we are not good ourselves so it is difficult to say any team is leaser, but I sure don't believe Nebraska belongs in the same company as Iowa or Minnesota. And although MSU is ranked and has good defensive stats, I base my assessment of them on their game with us. That was an easily winnable game in which they played worse than we did except for five turnovers. They sure didn't play us like a team that deserved to be ranked. We win that game easily, playing our usual half assed brand of football, if we just hang on to the ball. On the day we played them, they were a lesser opponent.


The butthurt comes from being a middling team in a weak ass B1G conference. I will never accept that kind of irrelevance and can't "give it a rest". There are already enough people accepting it and giving it a rest.

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Bo needs to act like a CEO and review all the coaches.

1. Tim Beck-tell him so long. Why we threw the ball 30+times against UCLA & Minnesota. Those were winnable games that put our defense in terrible situations namely back on the field after 3 incompletions. When Bo was hired he said we were gonna run the ball, Beck is trying to change our offensive identity from week to week.

2. Whoever coaches the linebackers. Okay in game 1 or 2 I can see guys lining up wrong, but in game 12 we still see guys wiffing on their responsiblities. Either players are not watching film or really not taking practice serious. Don't yell at them and send them back out there, let them run after practice till they get it right.

3. Scrap the entire punt team from the punter to punt receiving team. How many special team screwups occurred all season?

4. Tell Ron Brown to keep praying but also teach these guys what it means to be a husker and not accept half-assed effort from themselves or any team mate

5. Pick team captains that lead but can also get in guys faces. Not to bash Taylor, but he's hardly a vocal leader. Don't need team captains tweeting after games.

6. For Bo, since you are the head coach that means you are in charge of the offense, defense and special teams. All 3 facets of the game are essential pay attention to all of them.

This is just a start.

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Bo "I'm doing some of my best work now".


Fire paps, ST coach, install an accountability program, starting with myself.


Bring back contact practices


Stop subbing AA after the second play of the game


Hire a psychiatrist to help me with my ever increasing paranoia and temper.


I will not wear cap during the games anymore.

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