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On NU's radar - but no offer...yet!

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Rivals has an article on a qb named shawn evens he is kind of under the radar


right now but he transfered to another school to get more reps. He calls nu his


dream team and would love to play here :thumbs

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here is one jc qb that NU will be watching quite strongly through out this season:


bryan savage, coffeyville cc, 6'3", 215, 4.7, pro-style qb, dec grad, & l-ville, NU, & cu have been showing a lot of interest:




p.s. $ on him as the juco qb for '07 class

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hello, since hs football has begun here is a list of non-NU-schollie NE prospect to keep an eye on (some may earn a schollie, or become preferred walk-ons):


kyle dooley, p-lv, ol, 6'3", 285 offers from ia st, co st, tcu, & az st (w/ a solid sr season NU maybe back on the radar)


matt donahue, frem, wr, 6'2", 165, 21 ypc


mike masin, lin se, ol, 6'6", 315


alex stover, gret, ol/dl, 6'2", 265, offers from co st & wy


paul hamilton, sid, wr, 6'4", 180, possible track schollie for high jump


john dooley, skutt, lb, 6'1", 220


luke pinkelman, coz, 6'3", 276, possible track schollie


kevin thomsen, elkh, fb/de, 6'3", 240, offers from co st & wy


luke lingenfelter, plain, de, 6'3", 230


randy weich, pier, te, 6'3", 215, 18 ypc


aaron schulte, norf c, ot, 6'6", 315


eric peitz, croft, dl, 6'5", 245

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I still think NU should bring in another high school QB and Lentz would be a good one.


herald link


Lentz, Greenville races by Rock Hill

By Ryan Troutman · Herald Correspondent - Updated 09/09/06 - 1:40 AM


GREENVILLE -- In the old fable, the tortuous always catches up with the hare no matter how far ahead the rabbit runs. Unfortunately for Rock Hill, football does not always follow fairy tales.

Greenville raced to an early lead and Rock Hill never could quite catch up as the Red Raiders and their quick scoring offense crushed the Bearcats 60-45, Friday night at historic Sirene Stadium.


Greenville quarterback Matt Lentz passed for 494 yards and seven touchdowns with a rushing score against a Bearcats' defense that is starting 10 new players this season.


The Bearcats won the opening toss Greenville returned opening kickoff to the 25-yard line. As a sign of things to come, Red Raiders quarterback Matt Lentz found a wide open Chris Hall along the Bearcats' sideline. Hall caught the quick slant pattern, faked out a Bearcat defender and quickly scampered down the sideline for a touchdown.


Rock Hill responded with in typical fashion. They took the ensuing drive and methodically marched down the field behind the running of quarterback Jonathan Meeks. Meeks had four rushes for 41 yards on the Bearcats' opening drive, but made a crucial error trying to do too much around the goal line. He fumbled the ball back to Greenville just before scoring the tying touchdown.


Backed up toward their own end zone, Lentz completed a 63 yard pass to Tony Curtis . The Red Raiders scored in four plays to begin the rout.


"We just did not come out ready to play tonight," said Bearcat coach Joe Montgomery. "As long as I have been around football in this state, this is the absolute worse I have ever seen a Rock Hill defense play. I did not feel like we played hard, we did not tackle well, and did not tackle well.''


Trailing 26-7 following another touchdown by Lentz, this on the ground, the Red Raiders forced a Rock Hill punt, setting up Greenville with excellent field position with 3:30 remaining in the opening half.


The Bearcats went for an all out blitz. Justin Jordan picked Lentz' pass and raced to the Raiders' 43. Four plays later Jerimiah Craig punched it in. After Desmond King added the two point conversion.


Greenville ended the half the same way it started, with a one play touchdown drive. Lentz scrambled to avoid a sack, and then found a wide open Curtis who scored with no defenders in site.


The touchdown pass was Lentz' fourth of the half, as he finished the first half with 352 yards through the air.


Rock Hill made several rallies in the second half, scoring 30 fourth quarter points, but it was obviously way too little too late. They had a couple of penalties go against them that may have changed the momentum, but never closed got within a single score.


"It is very important that we play together as a team and never give up," said Rock Hill quarterback Jonathan Meeks. "We'll just have to put this loss behind us and practice hard for our next game. I am sure we will do a lot of running to stay in shape next week, but we'll be ready to play.'


Greenville 60


Rock Hill 45

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wallace franklin through 4 games has 8 catches, 205 yards receiving, & 2 tds (averaging 2 catches a game will not bring him back to NU) - I believe that he only catch 10 balls, last yr, yet butler has more of a rushing offense


b hunter has not catch a ball (I believe that he is hurt - which will not bring him back, either)

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