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*** 2017 Recruiting ***

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Here's what 247 shows (Top 30 in order):


Alabama - 1

Ohio State -0

Georgia - 1

USC - 0

Michigan - 0

Florida State - 0

LSU - 0

Oklahoma - 0

Auburn - 1 (Alaric Williams)

Notre Dame - 0

Florida - 0

Miami - 0

Texas A&M - 0

Stanford - 1

Penn State - 0

Clemson - 0

Tennessee - 1

Maryland - 1

Oregon - 1

UCLA - 0

South Carolina - 1

Washington - 0

Nebraska - 2 (Elijah Blades, Deiontae Watts + KJJ)

Mississippi State - 4 (including Noah Elliss)

Texas - 1

Virginia Tech - 1

Arkansas - 1

TCU - 1

North Carolina - 0

Kentucky - 0


So the total number that never made it to campus is 18 with six of them being from Nebraska and Mississippi State.  These numbers don't capture players who enrolled then left like KJJ but I doubt there would be more than one or two others.

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On 8/20/2016 at 3:58 PM, Mavric said:

This would be an ideal spot to snag Noah Vedral for a number of reasons.


- You could sell Gebbia that we just need another QB for numbers.

- You could sell Vedral on a great opportunity at his home school with not much experience ahead of him.

- Vedral is athletic enough that you never know what he could turn into.

- He's also athletic enough that he could probably play WR or even Safety in a couple years if needed.


I doubt Vedral would be interested at this point but it might be worth asking.


Shameless self-promotion

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12 minutes ago, Mavric said:


Shameless self-promotion

Wow r u a wizard 

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8 of the 20 recruits either are gone or never made it to campus (including 4 of the top 6)


Still around - Lindsay, McQuitty, Jaimes, D Thomas, Sichterman, G Thomas, Daniels, Rafdal, Allen, Bando, Walker, Bradley

Gone - Roberts, Gebbia, KJJ, Hampton, Ward, Miles, Blades, Watts

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