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Student Section Has Something Planned

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I've been trying to find details on this but have been unable to for the last week. Not really sure how to explain it so I'll just copy/paste tweets:



The Iron N @TheIronN · Sep 12
Students: we're working on something BIG tomorrow, and we need your help! Want to get involved? Stay tuned for more details coming soon!
The Iron N @TheIronN · Sep 12
WORK DAY tomorrow. Starting at 10am. Come to west Stadium entrance. Bring NCard for entry. Come get involved - we're making something BIG.
The Iron N @TheIronN · Sep 12
Work day will run thru the afternoon or until we're done - so stop by anytime. Tweet us with any questions. What are we making? You'll see.
The Iron N @TheIronN · Sep 13
Work day is underway!
We're making something HUGE, and we need your help! Come to the West Stadium entrance and brind your NCard for entry!
The Husker Boneyard @HuskerBoneyard · Sep 13
In the process of making history.
Come to West stadium with your NCard if you want to help! We'll be here all night! pic.twitter.com/mkrwtyXwrN
The Iron N @TheIronN · Sep 14
Phase 1 is complete! A HUGE thanks to everyone who came and helped out this weekend in West Stadium!
6 days to #BlackoutMiami... Be Ready.
The Iron N @TheIronN · Sep 16
#BlackoutMiami #getRowdy pic.twitter.com/IrtQM8LkZW
The Iron N @TheIronN · Sep 17
ONE HOUR to our September Event in Memorial Stadium! Join us at the West Stadium entrance at 9pm! #BlackoutMiami #GBR
The Iron N @TheIronN · Sep 17
We'll see you up here At 9!
Husker Corner @theHuskerCorner · Sep 18
Look to @HuskerBoneyard to see a new force being built by @TheIronN; the evolution of the #Huskers student section. http://bit.ly/1uLeBPs
The Iron N @TheIronN · Sep 18
.@Huskers We'll be the thunder of the #RedStorm
Oh, and keep an eye on the @HuskerBoneyard just before kickoff...


Brus, Redwine and Dosskey are all very excited about the upcoming game, not just because of the organized b******* or red rally towels that should pop against black shirts.
“Look to the Southeast corner of the stadium,” I was told. No further information was divulged, despite my efforts to be as charming as possible.
Steve Dosskey @sdosskey · Sep 17
Project Rowdy Orca - Phase 2: COMPLETE. #BlackoutMiami #GBR


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Whatever they are planning, it seems like they've put in a lot of effort into it.


Excited to see what it turns out to be. The atmosphere is going to be insane!

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Only idea I have is that it might be similar to what some MLS fans do before games, this one from the Seattle Sounders fans.



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Man I hope this is epic. I love the effort either way. We need this! We've got to be all N guys! Everyone in that stadium better realize, YOU CAN HELP THIS TEAM! Rock that stadium tomorrow people!

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Holy f*****g s***balls...the smoke from this is something else. I see this only going one of two ways:


It will be utterly epic and we will be telling our children and grandchildren about this for years to come...


...or it's going to backfire miserably and Eichorst is going to relocate the student section seating to the Selleck Quadrangle.


In short...don't f**k it up, guys--do something epic.



Did they inject the rest of the stadium with cocaine to get them loud?


Can they shoot out eight balls of coke using the Der Wienerschlinger? Or just inject the Fairbury hotdogs with a dime bag each?

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I'm a member of the Iron N, and helped out... it's going to be sick. Be prepared.


Hint? Will it be pre game or during game?

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