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Have your avatar Santa-fied

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I guess I need a new one. I must've deleted mine from last year. Sorry guise.

I'll get to this ASAP. Really busy this week, though.


No big deal man. I never asked for it earlier cuz I thought I had it saved from last year, went to apply it, and i'll be damned it's gone, along with my other ones. So.....


When you become an apostrophist, you lose everything. Not least of which, your dignity

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May I have a Santa-fied avi, except with Fry wearing it on his crotch? I don't want to cover up Fry's beautiful hair. :lol:

What angle would the hat be at? 0? 45? 60? 90 ( :o) ?


These are important questions.



Well, I guess it varies. Depending upon ... mood. Let's say 90. And ample!

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