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Thought it would be appropriate to have a thread for Twitter. Mainly, I thought I'd create a post of Husker-related accounts for those who'd like to follow them. Any other interesting follows and other discussion is also welcome.


HuskerBoard Twitter Account


AD Bill Moos


Main Husker Account




Men's Basketball


Women's Basketball










Track and Field


Women's Gymnastics

Men's Gymnastics


Swimming & Diving

Men's Golf

Women's Golf

Men's Tennis

Women's Tennis


Women's Rugby




Miscellaneous Husker Accounts

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Tweedy account ...... never registered believe it or not. And Facebook too. I know, I'm old as a rock. Smartphone ??? Never bought it. Only emergency cellphone ------ TracFone 2 inch screen; $6.67 per month :thumbs .



90 days service/60 minutes plus carryovers. Oh yeah !


Well at least protect brain tumor/cancer (seriously). I remember 40-50 years ago, cigarette smoking was fairly safe ... no mention lung/heart disease problems. You remember cigs TV-Radio-Billboard-Sponsor commercials? Now lung cancer warning and banned commercials .... even forbidden in public areas. I predict 5 years in the future or so, smartphone and wifi gadget means brain tumor/cancer warning. Radiation thing.

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Updated the OP - I think this is pretty current.

HuskerBoard Twitter Account

AD Shawn Eichorst

Main Husker Account which doubles as the Football Account

Nebraska Basketball

Nebraska Women's Basketball

Husker Volleyball

Nebraska Baseball

Husker Wrestling

NU Track and Field

Nebraska Soccer

Nebraska Women's Gymnastics

Nebraska Men's Gymnastics

UNL Women's Rugby

Nebraska Curling

Miscellaneous Husker Accounts

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