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500 Mile Radius

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Sounds like the new coaching staff will have a different way of recruiting the fabled "500 mile radius." Each coach will have a designated area within that radius.


Assigned areas will be:

  • Nebraska and the Dakotas
  • Kansas including Kansas JUCOs and Kansas City - Read
  • Oklahoma and Northern Arkansas
  • Colorado - Bray - Also has Arizona and Dallas
  • Wisconsin/Minnesota
  • Iowa
  • Illinois
  • Missouri - Langsdorf
  • Indiana
  • Brian Stewart - Also has Georgia, Florida, Maryland & Virginia
  • Keith Williams - Louisiana and Los Angeles
  • Reggie Davis - Houston

The Kansas guy will pick up Kansas City so the Missouri guy can devote more time to St. Louis.


They haven't assigned coaches to the regions yet.

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Added Indiana per OWH
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Well, Charlton Warren is almost certainly our Colorado guy. Anyone have any idea where the rest of these coaches will be assigned to?

Also, didn't Bo originally have something like this set up? Could have sworn he at least split up different Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, Iowa and Missouri areas between the coaches...

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Yeah, Warren would make a lot of sense for Colorado.


I don't know if the previous staff had anything like this. Definitely not as detailed. Warren obviously did Colorado for the last year and Garrison did a lot in Kansas in Missouri but I thin that was more just their primary recruiting areas. Sounds like these 500 mile states with be a "primary" recruiting area for each member of the new staff and then they'll have a "secondary" area outside the radius.

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