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Charlton Warren leaving

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Hogwarts had better luck keeping Defense Against the Dark Arts professors on staff than we have keeping Secondary Coaches.

I'd like to put the whole previous staff in a bus, set it afire, and push it over a cliff. Then I'd like to remove all records of them from Memorial Stadium and the University. I can't stand any of th

Turnover isn't odd. Turnover is odd when the rest of the staff was let go and you were retained. You secure early enrollees, continue recruiting/signing a new class, and then leave 9 days after Nation

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On 2/14/2015 at 9:42 AM, BigRedBuster said:

Honestly, I have no idea if the db coaches we have had are just good or amazing.


A). We had a control freak head coach that this was his specialty. So, who ever came in, they were going to teach what ever he said.


B). We played a scheme where we had more guys in pass coverage than the normal defense. So, we look at stats of bad passing by our opponent but, was that because our db coach was amazing or because we had 5-6 guys back in pass coverage while the other team is racking up rushing yards?


Riley will find someone good and we will move on.


Looking forward to a new defense.

Hindsight ya know lol. 

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9 hours ago, BigRedBuster said:

wow....you really went all the way back to 2015?


One of the biggest problems with many of our DB coaches during the recent past is that they seemed to only stay one year.

I get why he left though, wasnt hired for the sprinkles crowd

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