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Jeff Galloway: Run/Walk/Run + Tips

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Today I wanted to get up some videos of a running method that my wife and I have added to our running. Lots of newbies often have technique issues (thus why we learned the Chi Running technique) ... and that's okay. Everyone, including the pros are always learning and in any run you have your tendencies for bad form due to weakness or getting tired.


I have a running friend on RunKeeper and now Facebook who has run several all his marathons using Jeff Galloway's Run/Walk/Run method. Many runners believe if you walk you are somehow a slow runner or not in the best of condition. Perhaps this could be true in some degree, however, the friend who shared this method with me has run a marathon in 03:26:00 ... using this method. He runs a mile and then walks a minute. He qualified for the Boston Marathon using this technique. I trained my wife on the method in her first half marathon and a year later she completed the Irving Marathon in 05:05:00. She ran for 5 minutes and then walked for 30 seconds until around mile 20. From there she ran for fewer minutes before she started walking her 30 seconds. Her goal was to finish around 5 hours ... and that she did. She could have finished in 5 hours but wanted to enjoy the last 6.2 miles.


Enjoy these videos and feel free to message me if you have any questions.





In this edition, Jeff discusses running and walking form. Proper running and walking form is essential to reduce the risk of injury. The Jeff Galloway method teaches runners to stay upright, maintain a short stride and eliminate bounce.



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In this edition, Jeff discusses acceleration. The Jeff Galloway Acceleration -- Glider Drill performed once a week will help you become faster and go the distance. This interval training drill teaches you to increase speed during your workout and gently move into a gliding stride.



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In this edition, Jeff discusses the cadence drill. The Jeff Galloway Cadence Drill combines physical and mental training to increase speed. It is common sense that increasing the number of steps you take while running will make you faster. Performing this :30 second interval training, 4 -- 8 times, once a week , will help you accomplish your goal.



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