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Eric the Red

Huskerboard Fall Donation Drive

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Hello Huskerboard members and guests,


On the right hand side below the Huskers.com video you will notice a donation area. (<<<You can also click the donation button twice on the board) Please read over what the donations will be used for. Any help is appreciated.


HuskerBoard Fall Drive

Just like non-profit radio stations & orgs that run seasonal fundraising drives - we also depend on donations to keep this board running.

Our hosting bill is about $300 / month, so these funds would go directly to hosting, licenses & security certificate.

We're currently operating in the red (and not a Scarlet shade).

We appreciate any amount you can afford.

Thanks for supporting the board you love.

Chad & Eric
HuskerBoard founders
UNL Class of 2000, 2001

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A couple people have asked so let me explain the goal amount.


We intend to run a donation drive every season of the year: fall, winter, spring and summer. You will notice the goal amount for this particular donation drive is $500. For a three month period our bills typically run about $900 without any issues or problems coming up (ex. Malware snag). If there is an unexpected issue, we pay more. We do have some money coming in from the video you see on the right hand side and some of the Husker products that are advertised running along the top of the page in the banner. We receive a small percentage of what is sold through those sites website. Also from the advertiser who places the ad. So we do have some revenue coming in just not enough to cover everything.


As you see we are asking for help with a HuskerBoard Help Wanted: Sponsor Manager Position to hopefully add more revenue. If this does occur we may not need a donation drive anymore. Which is our goal.


Anyone that can offer help or asssitance in anyway would be appreciated.


Thanks, Eric

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Someone was EXTREMELY generous recently, it looks like. Don't know who you are, but I do know it's much appreciated! :)


These server costs are no joke. Thankfully, the site is a LOT better equipped to handle load these days than it used to. Thanks to everyone who chips in to help keep Huskerboard operating!

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