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What year did Nebraska change from Cornhuskers to Huskers?


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I'm pretty sure Pedey added "Huskers" as an offical name and trademarked it and added it to official logos pretty early in his tenure. But he didn't replace "Cornhuskers" as the official mascot.


EDIT: After some research, I think it was Bill Byrne that added "Huskers" back in about '96.


It was Dollar Bill Byrne that attempted to officially declare us the Huskers instead of the Cornhuskers. We have been both for decades as a practical matter. Byrne believed Nebraska had a national image of being a bunch of corn farmers in the boonies and thought "Huskers" sounded much less 'farmer' and hick. I think the hick farmer image has been a great benefit overall and contrasted us from many of the other brands out there.

I agree..and I think that attitude is an insult to the farmers and ranchers here.
I'd rather not be labeled as a hick, but that's just me. I embrace where I'm from and some of our backwards/slowed down ways, but I'm not some uneducated bumpkin.
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19 hours ago, MN Marc said:

Today it seems to me, since we've been called the "huskers" we have became just that.  Just the shell or  "husk", and have lost all of our meat "corn". (King Lear )  I looked this post up, as today i feel as just the shell of one's self.  To realize that this 'rebranding' might have been what did us in!

should go back to bug eaters 

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