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Eric the Red

CB Shawn Sullivan

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DB was a need for NU and they filled the gaps with some good looking talent. Hopefully our secondary this year will not be a concern for us fans.

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Shawn Sullivan playing in Bayou Bowl on Sunday

on fox college sports eastern times

FCSC Sun 6/10 7:30 AM

FCSC Sun 6/10 11:00 PM

FCSP Mon 6/11 9:30 AM

FCSP Mon 6/11 3:00 PM

FCSC Wed 6/13 11:00 PM

FCSC Thu 6/14 2:30 PM

FCSC Sun 6/17 3:00 AM

FCSC Sun 6/17 3:00 PM

FCSC Tue 6/19 4:00 PM

FCSC Wed 6/20 9:00 PM

FCSP Fri 6/22 12:00 PM

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has anyone heard anything about shawn. On the big red radio report they said they he hasn't showed up and they don't know where he is.

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from what i have read he is not in lincoln yet do to finiancial reasons, and will be in lincoln when everyone reports for fall camp and his scholarship will pick up the tab for everything. dont know if it is true or not but that is the way it seams

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