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Michael Jordan: GOAT


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Michael Jordan’s combination of raw talent and overwhelming will to win will be hard to be matched ever again, let alone surpassed by anyone.


Statistics are great. But they can’t measure heart, determination, desire for excellence, and the absolute refusal to accept losing or poor performance. Jordan’s spirit of ultimate reach and accomplishment are without peer.


Thousands of guys have been blessed with great talent to play at the highest levels in the world. More are coming every day. But...


What happens when things aren’t going well on the floor or in your career? Many great talents (Kobe, Lebron, etc.) are POUTERS. They look like little boys when someone steals their favorite toy. Not Michael. When things didn’t go well, he got MAD. He did not pout, but reached deep down and willed himself and his team to victory. Teammates had to reach down deep as well because Michael demanded them to. Not out of ego or bullying, but out of a desire to never accept mediocrity. That is the definition of a true winner.


Bless you, Michael, for blessing our lives on the floor and as a mentor of how to approach your profession the right way.

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On 2/17/2016 at 2:34 PM, AZRaiderH8r said:

I've gotten into several fairly heated arguments about Jordan vs. Kobe, and to me it's not even up for debate. Kobe has certainly had a fantastic career, but I don't believe that we will ever see a player better than MJ.

Kobe possibly just a better pure scorer than Jordan, but Jordan was clutch, played D, and had all the intangibles.

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On 2/20/2020 at 9:35 PM, BigPeterJ said:

Lebron has the best argument after Michael.  Kobe was a great scorer, but Lebron makes the entire team better on offense.

 I remember watching the Bulls in 1991 take out the Bad boys and then overtake Magic and the Lakers in 5. It was like watching a 18 year old son finally take out his dad in 1v. 1. Jordan and the Bulls finally just became too much for any team to handle.  Just too much.  Too dangerous, too dynamic. Too young.  To put this in perspective, the Lakers had reigned mostly supreme for the last ten years.  Magic, Worthy, Jabbar...  They had to respect Pippen.  You had to guard Paxson, Armstrong sideline to sideline or they would assasinate you from 3 pt.  You had to out work Horace Grant (Good luck!)

And then there was Michael Jordan.  A dual force who could score better than he could shut you down.  And he could really shut you down. He was like a wolf in the forest, always creating havoc and relentlessly reaping the rewards.  And he demanded his team do the same. 

Someone asked Pippen recently if Chicago could beat Golden State.  Pippen said something like, Golden State might win, we are all getting old now!


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