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Fly Fishing

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I am thinking about getting into fly fishing.


Does anyone have experience with this. And, if so, have you purchased this combo before? Thoughts on if it's a good buy for someone just getting into it?



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during the Fishing Classic at Bass Pro i got a four piece rod and reel with line and leader for around 70 bucks. i had to buy the rod and reel combo and then come back like three days later for the line and leader as the sale for those were later in the week. I know BP has fly fishing classes you can take to teach you how to cast and use your tools.


it seems like a good deal for a starter kit.

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Well, I've basically been spending my time practicing casting. That's what's been difficult. I've watched a ton of instructional videos and just spending time in the yard. I'm starting to get the hang of it a little more. I realized I was trying to make too big of motion when I went back and forward. I've found it works better if I go back to about two o'clock and then forward to about ten o'clock. trying to keep the tip in a straight line is tricky.


I did go to the local interstate lake over my lunch hour one day and caught a small blue gill. That was fun.


I have some places I want to go try to bass fish but haven't had time.


One thing I'm trying to figure out is the the whole leader/tippet thing. I think I have a knotless leader which is thicker at the top than at the bottom. So, I went and bought some tippet but really didn't know what weight to get because I really don't know the weight of my leader that came with the pole.

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maybe check a local state park and see if they offer a class.Ponca park does this.

That's a good idea. I got busy about middle of the summer so didn't do much with this since. I'll try to pick it back up in the spring. I have a friend who has done more fly fishing and he will help too.

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