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Should Keith Williams Be Fired?


Keith Williams DUI  

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If he stays, do you realize the negative pub ESPN will spin?

I doubt there will be any national publicity about this. Someone mentioned a couple coaches in the other thread who had DUIs and stayed at their universities. Until now, I had never heard of them or their cases. Not to mention ESPN has far bigger fish to fry than college football's 40thish ranked teams receiver coach. Shrug.
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I think we suspend him without pay for part of the year. Give him the opportunity to seek help and better his current circumstance, however make it very clear he's on a no-tolerance policy from this point on. Show everyone we care about members of the Husker family and are not going to dump them in their time of need. Give him one final chance and set up a support system he can access if he ever needs it.

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If he is convicted of a felony, he will need to go, imo. If he can get a misdemeanor and complete Rehab/AA, i would like to see him be put on probation by the school and given one last chance.


What a bonehead move. WTF was he thinking? 300k a year and he cant afford Lyft/uber/taxi in Lincoln? What an idiot!!!

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