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Should Keith Williams Be Fired?


Keith Williams DUI  

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I hope he addresses the media in public at some point. I won't believe that he truly wants to make a change in his life if he does a statement through Twitter.

I'm 100% sure Riley will make that a requirement. I'll also bet that he gets involved in very routine charity work re: dangers of drinking and driving as well as rehab and a stint without pay/coaching privileges.

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He'll have to make the case that the Keith Williams we saw up to this point is the real KW, and not the guy who gets a 3rd DUI recklessly.


It won't be an easy case to make. If he holds on to his job, he'll be one lucky, lucky cat, and he should know that. If a cat has 9 lives, he'll have used up about 8 of them.

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Probably a bit premature (in terms of the legal process) but it sure sounds like there isn't a lot of question about what happened early this morning.


Third Offense DUI though it does appear that it's been a few years since the previous offenses.


What's your opinion?



Edit: I did add a third option for "not sure yet." Like I said above, I don't like to presume guilt but it sure doesn't sound like there is much wiggle room in what happened this morning. But perhaps some might want to see what - if anything - he's actually convicted of.

Wow. Surprised you added this thread.

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He should be behind bars. Doesn't necessarily mean he will be. He should be fired. Doesn't necessarily mean he will be.

Kind of surprised a college football coach wouldn't be able to hire a lawyer to get him out of a couple DUI convictions. I know a guy who makes considerably less and has gotten out of 11 (and counting).


That's disgusting. With all due respect, that is absolutely disgusting.

Oh, I absolutely agree.


It's also pretty damned impressive.

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Why not a year suspension?


I think part of what makes KW such a great coach is that he's "been there before." He's made mistakes and he knows he's imperfect, and right now his mistakes have him on the precipice of losing his job at a kind of place he never thought existed--his dream job. "I've been here, and here's what it almost cost me," can be great teaching material.


Also, I think a year suspension can send out the right message. Football isn't first, but football is family, and you help your family members when they stumble.

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Yea, this gent gets caught roughly every five years, meaning he likely does this pretty damn often and doesn't care. If he get's a "special" slap on the wrist because he is a coach, that will make the program and state look like some of the southern schools that have an "understanding" with the law enforcement. Never mind he will never learn and may one day kill someone.

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I said not sure since I don't have enough info to be comfortable making a "keep him" vote. However, I'm a strong lean to get rid of him. If he stays I think it should be in a non-coaching role with a huge pay decrease. See if he earns back trust over a year or two by staying stone cold sober and successful treatment (always a crap shoot however).

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When I was in Germany in the Army, their law was harsh. First offense drunk driving, lose license for LIFE. But, drinking and driving almost never, ever happened.


There is absolutely NO reason to drink and drive if you are even marginally responsible.


Having said that, I have no idea what is in his contract, what the Athletic department rules are, etc. I say he gets what ever is spelled out in the terms of all relevant laws, documents and guidelines. Nothing more, and nothing less. I suspect he'll be let go, which will suck for the program a s whole, but is the right thing for player / person development and perception.

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It sucks for us but be should definitely be fired. Not all jobs require you to not get DUIs. A job coaching 18-22 year olds should. These athletes are around parties and alcohol a lot. They need someone who practices what they preach to be doing the preaching.


Just saw it was not a DUI but not sure if it changes my opinion. And to those who think we'd be throwing him out on the streets, he should have plenty of $ by now and would likely find another job in 1-2 years where that team can say he's solved his problem. That's how these things usually work.

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