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Maybe Bill Snyder was on to something....or maybe not

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So your theory is Nebraska is sad it isn't on top so they are going to forego Billions of dollars and a conference network channel and a conference championship game to rejoin a sinking Big 12 with le

I got news for you, the last 10 years in the Big XII we were 2nd tier. It's about results on the field, we start playing like kings, we'll be kings again.

The statement doesn't even make sense. We've made a lot of money but haven't grown our brand? What's the point of growing the brand if not to make money? That's almost the only goal of growing a brand. If someone decides to pay $100 million to Iowa State are they going to be upset that it's cash and not from brand growth?


Also, where's the data backing up the lack of brand growth?

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I'm not clicking--but it would be hard to argue he is wrong.


Nebraska was king of big 8 and 12. Sometimes co-Kings but always royalty.


Since joining the B1G Nebraska has only been 2nd tier. Sometimes even in their own division.


It has more to do with competitiveness, rather than conference...but it is hard to deny that NE has made more money but is down as a national brand.

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