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Cases of Election Fraud

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4 hours ago, Archy1221 said:

You already provided the link.  People can look into each individual state if they wish and find the difference between legally collecting a ballot for someone in need or illegally harvesting a ballot for someone who isn’t eligible for ballot collection.  



Can't admit you're wrong eh?


I know someone else who can't admit he's wrong...he's fat and orange and lives in a white house.

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because an angry mob stormed the building and were taking unauthorized pictures of election workers and information about registered voters...

It was an opinion article spinning a situation to make conservatives out to be a victim.    RedState is trash, Democrats outside of her campaign are not acknowledging the effort to throw out

The people being denied access excuse is total BS.  These people were just people showing up demanding to be let in.  They had no authority to be there and denying them access was the right thing to d

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