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Trump's America

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41 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:






Me too. I was 10 and watched the debates with my mom and I didn't know what the word smarmy meant but I knew Clinton was the most smarmy/fake person I'd ever seen. Cheating and possibly pedophilia didn't enter my mind of course, I just knew I didn't like the guy and I never have grown to like him.

That said at least his personal s#!t didn't get in the way of being a decent president. Trump's personal s#!t seems to be in every single decision he makes. Case in point he is shutting down TikTok. There may be good reasons to shut down TikTok. I've done a little reading on it. But I'm 95% sure he's doing it solely because TikTok users led the charge in asking for tickets to his Oklahoma campaign rally.

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