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Bring Back the Bits of Broken Chair - Sign the Petition!

go 'skers

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OMG seriously?


Yup. This trophy is pure college football/fun/awesome. Let's make sure it doesn't disappear!


Granted the big ten trophy games aren't meaningful trophies like a conference championship trophy or crystal ball are, but they are fun bits of what makes college football college football and what makes the Big Ten the Big Ten.


Bits of Broken Chair was the only one for Nebraska that didn't seem completely forced. Let's bring in back and have some fun!

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It is my opinion that this is how all good trophies in the BiG have been created. No, not by petition, but rather because students made it happen. All these old trophies (insert them all bucket, turtle, axe, etc. ) were not created by the schools or conference; they were created by students of two schools getting together and making up a trophy. I love it. You don't need a petition; just keep it going between student groups and it will become one.


Edit: and why? because it's fun; that's what college football is supposed to be about

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