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Bring back any former coach

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Since we're playing.....


You have to win the next game, who do you play at QB?

A- Zombie Tommy Armstrong

B- Single amputee TMagic

C- Any walk-on backup with a cast on one arm


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I was trying to think of a good o-line or d-line coach that we've had that still coaches and was blanking on any that still is in coaching. Carl had some good d lines, might have had more to do with players than coaching. And I've always heard how great of an offensive line coach Bill Callahan was. Wasn't sure if there were former GA's or something like Ganz or Zac Taylor or farther back that were impressing as coaches

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HC Bob Devaney

OC Tom Osborne

DC Charlie McBride


GA Bo Pelini :lol:

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I would very much enjoy having Turner Gill come back and would have enjoyed him as HC or OC or QB coach.

I would also have Ron Brown back in an instant. He was a fine coach (he could likely coach many positions. He would be a fine HC in my view but he has never really wanted that extra heavy load of duty.

I would enjoy George Darlington back but am sure he has aged out of the ability by now.

Keven Steele was a superb recruiter and excellent LB coach. He'd be welcome back I am sure.

Mike Minter was an superb player and I am confident could contribute a great deal in the secondary. Not sure if he is coaching though.

David Humm was not a 'coach' as far as I know but after many years in the NFL with the Radiers, he could certainly offer some great advice. I bet he could call plays with the best of 'em.

Charlie McBride is still able bodied enough to help get those Blackshirts lined up right to stop those pesky 'fun N gun' offensive schemes. Of course he wants the fastest, meanest, hungriest 11 guys on grass.

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