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Trump Taking Credit Where None Is Due

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Good lord man.


In just the three tweets you posted this morning, there is blatant factual misinformation doing on. Trump's twitter is propaganda.


  1. Non-sequitor. Again, it's still Obama's economy until late January.
  2. Trying to divert from the fact he paid millions of dollars to people because he stole their money w/ his fraudulent university. You settled because that was clear as day and you were dead in the water, idiot.
  3. That Kentucky plant was never going to leave.

Particularly annoying that the third one could be disproven with just the first two lines are my article.


And therein lies the challenge of a Trump presidency. You've got a president and his allies essentially running a disinformation campaign about EVERYTHING on a scale we've never before seen. He just straight up lies about everything, even the little things. Pushing back on it results in claims of liberal anti-Donald bias.


Sigh. It looks like that old joke about facts having a liberal bias is true now more than ever.


Well, it's still worth pushing back. The alternative is people relying on lies and propaganda. Which isn't very healthy for our democracy.

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I find it interesting that this "win" forgets to detail the huge benefit Trump provides potentially to the SoftBank guys, by allowing the merger of Sprint and TMobile, which not only runs us into a huge FCC violation (and something that is a big hurt to the public) but also the number of jobs that will be lost due to this merger and duplicate jobs being cut.


He's playing a marble game with people- just moving them around, and sadly many are just going to take his word for it when he says there are now more marbles ... when really they're disappearing before our eyes, but because he publicizes the gains and absolutely ignores the loss he "wins". I am anxious for the job updates to come out monthly and see what Breitbart and Fox say then.

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Something something Obama, something something vast overreach of executive power.


I did it! I just made a GOP talking point!

There's going to be a great deal of gaslighting and attempts to take reality hostage over the next four years, Zoogs. Those of us not satisfied with Trump will have to keep our heads screwed on straight in order to see things as they are.

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