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Bob Diaco's 3-4 "No Crease" Defense


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This breakdown of Diaco's 3-4 has been getting passed around on twitter. It should serve as a good intro for people wanting to know what we'll (probably) be looking at.

Bob Diaco's 3-4 "No Crease" Defense


Diaco's base defense is a 3-4 front with a Nose Guard, two Defensive Ends two Outside Linebackers and two Inside Linebackers. The term "no-crease" is in reference to the fact that all of those front 7 players are close to the line of scrimmage and aligned in a manner that eliminates vertical and horizontal creases between the individual players.


Diaco picked up much of his defensive philosophy when he spent three seasons (2006-2008) as the Linebackers Coach under Al Groh at the University of Virginia. Groh is part of the Bill Parcells to Bill Bilichick coaching tree that has produced several top flight coaches such as Nick Saban. As a relatively young coordinator there isn't much written on Coach Diaco's defense specifically but by studying the defenses of Bilichick, Groh and even Saban we can garner some insight into some of the things that Coach Diaco is doing with his defense we watch the Fighting Irish.





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Whoops! My bad. I hate it when I accidentally type my search inquiries on discussion forums. Happens more then it should

Just for fun, let's hypothetically try to figure out a potential position assignment for our team based on this defense. (People familiar with the 3-4 please comment and help me get this right). I've

I did a quick count of the DL looks on that video (I'm no expert), and keeping in mind these are only the plays that resulted in sacks and not a representative sample of how they play otherwise, I cou

I posted this in another thread, but it's applicable here.

I think this hire, along with the move to a 3-4, may really be a shot in the arm. For whatever reason, NU hasn't been able to recruit elite DL, even post Suh. This somewhat helps that as we're not as dependent on getting the top tier DE's that everyone else is after.

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Thought you were on another site, eh?

Whoops! My bad. I hate it when I accidentally type my search inquiries on discussion forums. Happens more then it should

You meant DVDA right?


I had to google that and yes that's exactly what I meant.

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by "no crease" does that no more of those effin short middle slant passes?


I'm no expert on the 3-4, or Diaco's D specifically, but I think it will actually mean more of those short passes, which is fine if the rest of the D is executing the way it should.


From what I understand of Diaco's D, the secondary plays fairly deep to prevent giving up big plays. Doing that opens up the middle a little more than what you would want, but if it prevent opponents from taking the top off our D, and keeps them out of the end-zone, then God bless it.

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