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Trump Legal Troubles

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1 hour ago, BigRedBuster said:

Hmmmm.....lied on financial statements to banks to get loans and didn't pay their taxes.  Sounds familiar.





Good. Maybe they'll cancel their show so I don't have hear their rich white people problems when my wife watches it 

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52 minutes ago, Archy1221 said:

Who is Todd Chrisley and what’s the Trump connection with him?  Did he work in Trump world or the admin? 

Well, they are TV reality stars that lied on financial statements to banks and didn't pay their taxes.  They got 12 and 7 years in prison.  


It relates to Trump because that's what he should get for the same thing.

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So what is harder to believe? :dunno

1. This is just a witch hunt that 4 very different investigations and court actions are happening today to one poor victim.  OR

2. Trump is a corrupt individual and corrupts everything and everyone he touches.  









Cases involving former President Donald Trump are playing out in four different courtrooms Tuesday, underscoring the legal challenges he faces as he mounts a third run for the White House.

Four days after Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel to oversee the entirety of the Justice Department's criminal investigation into Trump's handling of classified materials after leaving office, the Justice Department was expected Tuesday to ask a federal appeals court in Atlanta to remove the special master -- the independent arbiter appointed to review the materials -- from the case.

The special master had been appointed by a federal judge in Florida to review materials seized from Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate to determine which, if any, were protected by executive privilege or attorney-client privilege.



In New York City Tuesday, the prosecution was expected to rest its criminal case against the Trump Organization. Former Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg, who in August pleaded guilty to skirting nearly $2 million in income taxes, testified last week that it was his decision alone to commit tax fraud by paying no taxes on the fringe benefits he received from the Trump Organization, including rent paid on his Manhattan apartment.


Also Tuesday, attorneys representing Trump were scheduled to appear in New York State Supreme Court at a hearing in the state attorney general's civil lawsuit against Trump, his children and his company. In September, after a 17-month investigation, New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a $250 million civil suit against the Trumps for allegedly "grossly" inflating the former president's net worth by billions of dollars and cheating lenders and others with false and misleading financial statements.


Finally, former Elle columnist E. Jean Carroll was scheduled to appear Tuesday in federal court in New York City for a hearing in her defamation lawsuit against Trump. Carroll sued him in November 2019 after Trump denied raping her by questioning her credibility and saying that she was "not my type." Trump has denied the charges.


and here is a fifth:



After months of failed legal challenges, Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) appeared Tuesday before a special grand jury investigating efforts by former president Donald Trump and his allies to overturn Trump’s 2020 election loss in Georgia, the latest high-profile witness in a probe that is believed to be nearing a conclusion.


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On 11/18/2022 at 12:01 PM, Scarlet said:

Posting this without knowing who it is and before board Trumpists claim that whoever it is is a political hack assigned to carry out a witch-hunt on a virtuous and completely innocent Trump




Not like this wasn't entirely predictable.  



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13 hours ago, commando said:

ketchup bottles at Mart-a-Lago are in imminent danger



It's a huge win for democracy when a former president can't judge shop to find a cultist that will give him preferential treatment.  Her ruling was straight up banana republic level corrupt.  The only thing he got out of this was a three month delay.  And the judge?  She got her wings severely clipped and rightfully so. 

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