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The Republican Utopia

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Good to see our country still has a sense of humor while the former president is actively calling for violent revolution.  I don't know.  I think we have it pretty good here as opposed to other former democracies no matter how flawed like say... Myanmar 



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24 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

Oh….but not to someone who’s a good conservative Republican. 


The cult is out in force saying Trump didn't call for dissolution of the Constitution.  What???   Like was he just throwing out a hypothetical situation to have an academic discussion with the constitutional scholars that frequent Truth Social? Lol


Of course they are conveniently forgetting that he's not in any way asking a hypothetical  "what if there was election fraud?"  That's easily refuted by his countless tweets and truths claiming election fraud.  


Trying to figure out how anyone can read this in the context of his two and half year assault on our election integrity and come away with anything other than he's calling for the dissolution of the Constitution is mind numbing. 




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