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The Republican Utopia

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7 hours ago, BigRedBuster said:

It would actually be funny if he wasn’t fixated on everything he doesn’t like being woke.  

It'd actually be funny if the signed letter said not to mask or take any measures to protect against infection, but it said to mask and distance... :dunno

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22 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

They really are struggling to come to grips with the fact their glorious ex president is going to get arrested.  


None of these guys have any balls. Where is Liz when you need her?  She is the only one it appears who can “man up” and confront this criminal 

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5 minutes ago, Scarlet said:

Any one pick this up yet?  I does say all proceeds go to Antifa.  Seems legit.  I mean these guys have never grifted before.



all proceeds (after trumps 90% cut) go to the jan 6 perps

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