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Immigration Ban

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12 hours ago, HuskerNation1 said:


Families coming here illegally should not be allowed, period. This notion of seeking asylum is absurd.  Moreover, the point being made earlier was the outrage over ANY families being separated.  When pictures and videos were finally shown of Obama doing the same thing, the national attention to this issue dwindled as it was apparent the outrage could also be projected onto their beloved 44.  Do you support the current laws allowing those crossing illegal to seek asylum and find a way to stay in the US?  Should we be deterring those seeking to come here illegally?  If so, how would you recommend doing that?


I absolutely support people seeking asylum. We turned many jews away during WW2 asking for asylum because many believed the holocaust was a hoax. Do you believe genocide doesnt exist anymore? If people need help and are trying to escape evil, I am always on the side of trying to help them. 

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2 hours ago, BigRedBuster said:

In case you’re interested. 




Even with a valid passport crossing at San Ysidro on some days can take hours by car. With the amount of people that rely on that entry point, it would be crazy to shut it down.



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