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Immigration Ban

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Anybody else getting tired of how warm and fuzzy all of this makes David freakin' Duke?! That alone should make people question the inherent good in these policies.


This is dangerous territory with a would-be authoritarian like Trump. If Murphy is indeed correct and this leads to more attacks from those who wish to harm us, he could easily try to make a play to seize more power under the guise of bringing safety and security.

What bothers me the most is that Trump hasn't/doesn't unequivocally denounce this asshat. He may not be able to control what the dipsh#t says but he sure could issue very strong denouncements and distance himself from him. This is one good case of where the failure to condemn is an act of condoning. I believe Trump may have issued one very weak statement in this regard but not nearly enough IMO. It makes him fair game for the criticism he receives as pertains to race and bigotry issues and may very well indicate more.

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Samira Asgari had spent months planning her move from Switzerland to the United States. The 30-year-old Iranian woman had secured a post-doctoral fellowship at the Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. She’d won a prestigious award for her research in genomics that would even pay her salary at her new, American lab. “I was really happy, and it felt like everything was going right,” she said.

Guess what happens next.

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For recent Clemson University graduate Nazanin Zinouri, a trip to see family has turned into a nightmare.


The Greenville resident, who graduated last year with a PhD in industrial engineering and won the university's Janine Anthony Bowen Graduate Fellow award, flew to Tehran to visit her family when she heard about an immigration ban signed by President Donald Trump on Friday. The order bars individuals from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia from entering the United States for 90 days.

Guess what happens next.

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How hard must your heart be not to be sickened by this?


There's a foreign impact on this decision, but there's also a domestic impact. So many people are claiming that this is OK despite knowing in their hearts it absolutely is not. That part of them that says, "THIS IS WRONG!" is being tamped down, shoved into a corner.


It takes a toll on a person. And that, in turn, takes a toll on this country. Collateral damage.

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Absolutely, and utterly disgusting. This is what you voted for as a Trump supporter. You can not hide from this. This is one of the many disgusting things he said he would do, and now has done. Those of you who support this ban, and are still left on this board, what good does this accomplish? Please tell me.

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Indeed, JJ/ED. It's so easy when we reduce countries of people to images or conceptions of terrorists. That would come as a surprise to the actual people of these countries.


I really like what knapp said about costs. Policies like these are only possible when we deny people their humanity. Yet the exercise of treating people as not people is one that transforms us. :(

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I feel like I've been flip flopping a lot lately but I've changed my mind again. This is not good and likely does extremely little to make us safer. I guess when I first considered it I only envisioned terrorists being banned entry and not what appears to be happening now. They need to end this ban and simply review the vetting procedures and make sure the procedures are being followed. It is unacceptable that innocent people like those above are being denied entry. I hate being wrong this often. I guess it may happen a few more times as I'm still not as far down the road with Trump hatred as many of you but I think I'm getting there fairly quickly. I still want to believe he may accomplish some good things but it's getting more difficult by the minute.

This administration is quickly turning into a "non-partisan" issue. Trainwreck aside, I've been telling myself the one bright spot of all of this is rational people will stand up to the extremes of both sides and bring sanity to our politics.

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