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The First Trump Impeachment Thread

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Just now, commando said:

admission of guilt over and over again and the senate is obstructing justice to protect him.

the rules say they must be present at all times.

But what's the punishment?

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You have long ago proven yourself to be intellectually dishonest and resistant to facts and reason.

Interesting thing about this.     Shokin was widely viewed as a corrupt prosecutor by almost all of our allies.  It was widely known within our our foreign policy team that he actually neede

You would invoke Alan Dershowitz to defend Donald Trump.  He defended Epstein and procured his sweetheart deal that allowed him to continue raping children. Epstein pled the 5th when as

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6 minutes ago, Nebfanatic said:

Man what is he doing? First the materials statement now this. It seems like he is breaking a bit under pressure. He needs to testify under oath but will he? Highly doubt it but it should happen

He has to know he is getting off, right?  I mean, he is basically hanging himself!  Haha


Ask Jeeves says there is a good chance that...s#!t...the site just went down.

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12 minutes ago, knapplc said:

I'm flabbergasted that this is allow-- Oh, wait. Moscow Mitch is running this.




Unfortunately the rules really favor Mitch doing what he wants. I think it would be much more interesting if Roberts got to be like hey, people are leaving, you can't be unbiased if you don't hear all the information in the trial. 

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56 minutes ago, commando said:

you have a defeatist point of view.     while this crop of republicans does seem to fit that description i am still hoping that the scales still tip to justice.


It's a meme....

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