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S Jordan Moore [Texas A&M - Signed LOI]


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definitely visiting for FNL this weekend?



It may not be over for Jordan, either.

Quintin expects both sons to be at Nebraska’s Friday Night Lights camp and the following Big Red Weekend. Jordan is committed to nearby Texas A&M and likes the program a lot, Quintin said. But these are, after all, twins. Quintin has two pairs of them, so he’s a bit of an expert on how they interact. For the few months Joshua was training and going to school at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, he and Jordan talked constantly. They connected through video games, particularly.

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It can be difficult for twins to play together in college. Especially if both want to be the man wherever they go. In this case they both easily could have played together but Jordan loves A&M a lot and Josh loved Nebraska more. There are tons of twins that go to the same school, but it can be hard because even similar minds can love different things. I guess what I am trying to say is that sometimes you have to do whats best for yourself and your career over the success of both you and your brother playing together. Which in my opinion is totally understandable and it will be different for both of them being 800 miles apart for four years.

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