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WR Isaah Crocker [Oregon - Signed LOI]


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Been told on Oregon board that Crocker lost his spot there. Oregon is only taking 2 more receivers and it seems to be Cota and Devon Williams.


Crocker will be N

Lol, thank god we are lucky to take Oregons left overs! You're starting to sound a bit homerish.
Did he become an Oregon fan 3 years ago??

Do you watch the game with Oregon gloves on? Do you stay up til 1 and watch their games?

I hope you guys leave some recruits for us to land, would sure appreciate it. Get a scout recruiting subscription bc they are the cutting edge of ranking and info

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Jesus guys. Just relaying what I heard on their board. According to 247 he was an Oregon lean. So I guess if you don't want the info then whatever.

Call me whatever you want....


Waldo you don't know squat man, I posted my story on HB last year so you can go find how I became a fan if you want.


Thought about firing back but it's honestly not worth my time.

Edit: I'll add this. I do understand how it sounds. So I do apologize for it sounding that i'm being a homer when I'm not trying to be

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He said he really wanted to commit to Oregon on his visit this past weekend but decided to wait to give the other schools at the top of his list a fair shot.

Take that Power'T


I'd be happy if he committed. I think I want Cota and Devon Williams a bit more, but you can't argue about a WR of this caliber.


This will be interesting to see. I'm starting to hear now that it's a first come first serve kind of thing. Out of the 3 listed, Oregon has room for 2. Will take whoever commits first

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