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HuskerBoard Recruiting Predictor 2019

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Post-Dead Period Update   @Young Grand Island Husker pushes his lead.  Now has 112 correct picks @The Murphinator next in line with 69 @HS_Coach_C moves into third with 63 @se

OT Doug Nester   Who vote for: Ohio State Warrior10, Mavric, obert1, Wunderkind, seaofred92, Roger Dorn, sho, huskersrule95, 1995 Redux

RB Garrison Johnson - Syracuse   HS_Coach_C, Young Grand Island Husker, Mavric

WR Demariyon Houston - Nebraska

Mavric,sho,seaofred92,Young Grand Island Husker,HS_Coach_C,Thanks_Tom RR,Ziebol,r06ue1,Roger Dorn,Minnesota_husker,Snowbird,Dillrp4NU,The Murphinator,HuskerInLostWages,broganreynik,Hedley Lamarr,TherealTomOsborne,Throw Dem Bones,The Cornfather,HuskerJax,Sker4Ever,Head Coach Scott Frost,WY4Skers',swmohusker,CMT1525,FrostedTips,huskersrule95,GSG,bugeater17,Mary Pats BOB,HuskerzFanatik,JJkinz,rinkinwitTerrellFarley,,onlyHskrfaninIL,Norhusker,Branno,The Scarlet Pimpernel,Bigred_13,Treand3,LumberJackSker,husker_fan_from_sweden,YellowShirt,Husker from Kansas,SUHperman,huskered17,AZRaiderH8r,Touchdown Tommie,chamrocck,vikesfan9287,Sea of Red,blarson3

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DB Jamel Starks - Louisville

seaofred92,Young Grand Island Husker,sho,The Murphinator,Treand3,r06ue1,HuskerInLostWages,LumberJackSker,Mavric,Snowbird,Throw Dem Bones,huskersrule95,chamrocck,The Scarlet Pimpernel,GSG,HS_Coach_C,Thanks_Tom RR,ArkanSkers,Norhusker,onlyHskrfaninIL

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DE Michael Lockhart - Georgia Tech

Young Grand Island Husker,HS_Coach_C,seaofred92,r06ue1,Snowbird,sho,huskersrule95,GSG,Thanks_Tom RR,The Scarlet Pimpernel,Mavric,Xmas32,ArkanSkers,Head Coach Scott Frost,AZRaiderH8r,Treand3,HuskerInLostWages,HuskermanMike

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