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The 2020 Presidential Election - Convention & General Election

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Do you honestly not understand the difference between someone who said something stupid as an off color joke one time and some one who: Has been sued twice for housing discrimination against A

I honestly don't know what will happen tomorrow. But if Joe Biden wins, you will be allowed to own all the guns you want, worship your God however you want, and hate whomever you want in the privacy o

He is.

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51 minutes ago, BlitzFirst said:



This one is :Fire::Fire::Fire::Fire::Fire::Fire:

It literally is amazing that the guy is so tone deaf that they can just simply use his own words.


He gets in these rallies and thinks he's just talking to a private group in his living room.....and it all just spews out.

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1 minute ago, Moiraine said:



They should just both play American Gladiators. 


i remember the original american gladiators episode where Nitro dislocated his shoulder trying to drink a glass of water with just 1 hand.

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6 hours ago, teachercd said:

Biden committed to 3 debates.

This is one topic where Trump was not Trump.  He dangled the idea that he would take power from some 'commission' which has placed the R in a handicap match against a 'moderator' squarely in the D corner.  It worked out well in 2016 because it was so blatant.  But that's not a safe bet and I'm surprised Trump didn't change the game.

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