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The 2020 Presidential Election - Convention & General Election

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Do you honestly not understand the difference between someone who said something stupid as an off color joke one time and some one who: Has been sued twice for housing discrimination against A

I honestly don't know what will happen tomorrow. But if Joe Biden wins, you will be allowed to own all the guns you want, worship your God however you want, and hate whomever you want in the privacy o

He is.

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6 minutes ago, knapplc said:

It is heartening to see that some Republicans are coming around.


Remember when the 2012 Republican candidate, that earned 1.1% more of the vote than Trump, rightfully voted to impeach. Now if only McConnell, Sasse, Graham, Rubio, Cruz, et al had any decency. 

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Biden's lead has now eclipsed Obama's in '08 and '12 and is the largest since Clinton's blowout over Dole in '96. It's roughly double Clinton's advantage at this point in '16.


Obviously there's far too much time left before November (can we just vote now?) but this is a cool chart and very encouraging. 


Also look at '72. Holy crap.



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10 hours ago, Notre Dame Joe said:

Do you ever think you are overreacting to one rogue cop in a deep blue city?


Over 500 documented cases of police brutality in just one twitter thread, and this is your reaction?




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Two presidential candidates two political parties, two conventions with vastly different virus responses.


GOP:  Cry me a river over NC using caution, picks up their ball and moves a full scale convention to Florida

Dem:  Recognizes the safety concerns of large mass gatherings and downsizes their convention


Tell me which one you trust to handle the virus going forward :dunno







Organizers upended the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday as they told state delegations not to travel to Milwaukee, moved the convention to a smaller venue and added satellite events around the country.

But even as Democrats downsize their convention – in contrast to what Republicans are doing – they say former Vice President Joe Biden will still formally accept the nomination in Milwaukee.

"Vice President Biden intends to proudly accept his party's nomination in Milwaukee and take the next step forward towards making Donald Trump a one-term president," Biden campaign manager Jen O'Malley Dillon said in a statement. "The city of Milwaukee has been an incredible partner and we are committed to highlighting Wisconsin as a key battleground state at our convention this August."



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7 hours ago, Danny Bateman said:

Jon Stewart on Biden. Worth your time. 



I really miss Jon Stewart. Sure he was a comedian who attacked the right far more than the left. But he was also a thinker. Someone who had a good mind and understood humanity. It seems like lots of these satirists were great thinkers. He makes a great point about how people who have experienced tragedy have a humility about them. To understand and empathize with others is something we should want in a leader. Off the top of my head, I can't think of any random tragedy that Trump has had to endure. While that is a great thing for him personally, it has handicapped his personality. 

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