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The 2020 Presidential Election - Convention & General Election

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Do you honestly not understand the difference between someone who said something stupid as an off color joke one time and some one who: Has been sued twice for housing discrimination against A

I honestly don't know what will happen tomorrow. But if Joe Biden wins, you will be allowed to own all the guns you want, worship your God however you want, and hate whomever you want in the privacy o

He is.

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1 hour ago, Guy Chamberlin said:


Boy, if there was ever a year to vote 3rd Party. 


So in a way, the less than 5% who voted 3rd Party in 2016 is surprisingly low -- given the huge negatives of the two major party candidates. But that's still 6.5 million voters, and there are compelling arguments that they swung the election in individual states and counties, even though the third party candidates had virtually no organization and got zero mainstream media attention. 


Jill Stein only accounted for 1.4 million of them. So you have a Libertarian/Republican (Johnson/Weld) and Republican (Evan McMullin) making up the remaining 5.1 million, and I gotta think they skimmed moderate Republicans away from Trump. 


Third parties get a bad rap for being spoilers, but I think this country could really benefit from having three....or four....or five viable parties so every issue isn't a binary s#!tshow. 


I'm not entirely convinced we even have a two party system. Just two wings of the Entrenched Washington party.  And while I reserve the right to browbeat the occasionally feckless Democrats, that Republican wing really has become cancerous. 

We have 3rd parties but they get absorbed into the Big 2.  Trump is basically a New York Ross Perot and he took over the Rs.  I bet if you look back on Ralph Nader's Green Party you'll find the D just adopted his policies. 

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1 hour ago, Danny Bateman said:

Weigel is one of the funniest follows on Twitter for political stuff.






Why is the media doing this again? Why even cover this? No one takes Kanye West seriously. And the old White dudes in the GOP who think a bunch of Black people are gonna vote for Kanye West are stupid.

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2 hours ago, Moiraine said:

Maybe Biden should stop doing interviews too. It's great watching the tit for tat between these 2 brilliant minds.













I was reading the comments on this and multiple people were crying about the MSM not posting the story. They included examples like Washington Post and CNN. I saw Washington Post had already mentioned it when I posted the video here. CNN has it as the 4th story in middle of the site now. People are stupid.

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