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The 2020 Presidential Election - Convention & General Election

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7 minutes ago, teachercd said:

Sooooo...both VP's are basically some of the worst public speakers I have ever seen.


If Pence could be witty (he can't) he would be a "okay" at best.

Harris acts like she is on a Hallmark made for TV Xmas special.


Just horrible.  

this one was never gonna move the needle much. That's okay for the dems as Trump acting like a lunatic in the last debate was enough of a gift for them. 

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Pence getting way too much leeway.  He won’t shut up when he’s out of time.  Harris going long too, but not as bad.     At least he’s not a complete a$$ like Trump was.  But the moderator is not cutting Pence off forcefully enough.  

Why am I wasting my time with watching this debate?

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