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The 2020 Presidential Election - Convention & General Election

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2 minutes ago, Notre Dame Joe said:

PTI but does anyone know why Trump is campaigning in Omaha?


Trying to save the 2nd District electoral vote I guess, the local congress election is a toss up too.


Also plenty of western Iowa in the Omaha media market and apparently the SD governor spoke so this might just be his plains stop.

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30 minutes ago, Notre Dame Joe said:

PTI but does anyone know why Trump is campaigning in Omaha?

There are models that show the 2nd district could break for Biden. Since Nebraska splits its electoral votes by congressional district, if Biden wins the majority there, he gets that vote. That vote could be pivotal if the race tightens up.

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Trump campaign website hacked

trump's campaign website appeared to fall victim to hackers Tuesday night.


"This site was seized," read a message that was briefly posted on a page at donaldjtrump.com. The "world has had enough of the fake news spreaded daily" by the president, it continued.


The message said it had information that "discredits" the president and his family, and it demanded cryptocurrency to either release or withhold the information.






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4 hours ago, knapplc said:


Guess who was president the last time we had a budget surplus.

Clinton. Obama lowered the deficit in his presidency. The last republican to have a balanced budget was Dwight Eisenhower and he would be considered a progressive in todays polictics. Republicans love duping people into thinking they care about the deficit especially if its something that helps normal people...like the stimulus. Gotta get the ole deficit talk going for the next dem president like they always do. But we all know republicans dont vote because they dont like govt. spending...

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3 hours ago, SECHusker said:

He is the absolute worst

 A guy at work is convinced Biden is just a Trojan horse to get Harris into the presidency. He thinks shortly after he takes office they will have him declared mentally unfit....and he thinks Joe is down with that plan.  I won’t even go into all the other wild BS he thinks is real, confiscating guns etc. He actually thinks Biden/Harris is more dangerous for the country than Trump. And we wonder how there can be Q believers...

What a f#ckin world... How the hell did we get to this point? :facepalm:


*BTW, that last question was rhetorical. Please don’t provide answers. I understand how we got here*

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2 minutes ago, schriznoeder said:





They don't even pretend half the time. I will never, ever understand why any Republican making less than $150k per year would be supportive of anything other than the stance on abortion. They aren't helped by Republican policies. If trickle down economics worked there would have been an increase in wages with the tax decreases.

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