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Terence Crawford

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On 12/15/2019 at 10:10 AM, PaulCrewe said:

It sounds as if there is a pretty good chance for Bud to fight Shawn Porter next.  That would be his toughest fight to date.  Porter is a junkyard dog fighter and would muck up the fight and look to brawl at times.  He went the distance with Spence before losing a decision and in the middle of the fight he was doing a lot of damage and winning rounds.  Bud just has a more technical game that would/should be too much.


Moral or the story is you don’t drink and drive in your Ferrari.  Who knows when Spence comes back after that crash.  He’s luckier than hell to not be seriously injured, let alone even alive after rolling and being tossed out of his car(YouTube has security camera footage of the wreck).  

2019 Prophetic

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11 minutes ago, PaulCrewe said:

Probably 3-1 Porter after 4.  Bud has landed some nice shots, but Porter is mucking it up solidly while being very active.  Porter is cut above the right eye after heads collided.  A normal thing in Porter fights.

I say 4-3 Porter at this point.

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