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Pork belly burnt ends

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Got this idea from El Diacos status update and followed the recipe from Vindulge.com.Super easy to follow.I used JB Fatboy all purpose rub and their hogwash for the sauce base.I added some Creole seasoning to that and it worked out great.I sided it with creamed cucumber salad and baked beans and fried bread.This Is NOT a healthy recipe by any means but man it was good.better than brisket and half the cook time.I'd suggest looking over the pork belly and find the one with the most meat as you will lose Alot of the bulk to trimming.Enjoy!


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A few side notes on this one guys the recipe calls out to uncover it for the last 15 minutes and I turned the smoke back on.no need to add anymore smoke,just uncover to get the sticky going on imo. And I would do my trimming and cutting on the pork belly itself while it's semi Frozen makes a lot easier to hold onto

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I used my own rub- brown sugar, chili powder, paprika, cayenne, black pepper, garlic powder, white pepper and probably a few other things. I usually keep a container on hand and just add to it when it's low-nothing scientific. Did a whole belly (8.7 lbs) then split it into 2 sauce batches. Did Stubbs Sweet & Sticky on one and Red Mud on the other. Really liked the Stubbs, was not impressed with the Red Mud (had never tried it before). It was really smoky and thin. It would be better on beef or brisket, not so good on pork.


They turned out really excellent. That 90 minutes in the pan does wonders for rendering out the fat. When I saw how much grease was floating around in the sauce I pulled all the meat out, skimmed/drained the fat and returned the meat to the pan with just the BBQ sauce. I hope they re-heat okay. Started with about 63 chunks ate about 5 for lunch, gave away 8 and brought the rest home. The family is planning on having for supper. Hopefully my wife has some salad or veggies or sumthin remotely healthy to go with.

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