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Move In Day - 2017 Husker Recruiting Class

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Blades is not here yet. Though he just gradated a couple days ago, it seems likely that he'll be taking some classes and showing up later.

I haven't seen anything on Watts.

Just as long as he gets here, I'm good.


Saw Riley today said we're waiting on a couple of guys and that we're hopeful they'll join in the second half of summer classes. Is Andrew Ward on campus yet?

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Lincoln in the summer is pretty boring but in about 3 months...they will be having some fun!


Ha ha! No way--you must have been doing it wrong. I spent a summer in Lincoln. I took three classes, partied every single night, got a great suntan, threw a giant birthday party, and had a hot summer girlfriend. (She dumped me at the end of summer--which worked out okay for both of us. lol). My summer in Lincoln was awesome! :lol:

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Jaimes is up to 280 and Sichterman up to 285 according to Cav and that's before any time spent at all in the Nebraska weightroom (don't get technical since they moved in on June 1st). That's exciting to hear that they are getting very close to playing weights before their redshirt years even start. Looking forward to seeing what they'll be like next Fall.


Broc seems to be very quiet. He was an early enrollee but haven't heard a peep about him.. Spring ball or anything.

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