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The Courts under Trump - Mega Thread

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9 minutes ago, knapplc said:



OTOH, again courtesy of 538:



Again, polygraphs really are not reliable in testing truth-telling or lack thereof. All they really detect is anxiety, which can mean any number of things. But they are used all the time by law enforcement. And, far as anyone can tell, that continued use in spite of the evidence is basically magical thinking. 


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2 hours ago, irafreak said:

Are you people really this dense? Innocent until proven guilty. That's what is really at stake here.


At what point are you going to understand this country is divided into 2 groups. All of us, and the politicians. The politicians own the news companies and it's the ww2 German propoganda train all over again. Wake up. Think for yourself. These dc folk simply want to own all of us as servants.


This is all a bunch of made up accusations because a large group of politicians want a different pick. The guy's had his background checked multiple times in the past to get to where he was before being nominated. If all this crap were true, at least something of it would have popped up before. You don't even know anything about his past but you've already condemned him.


It's partisan political brinksmanship and pop culture theater. No argument there.


It's also a flashpoint for a moment in time. There's much going on here that is ancillary to Brett Kavanaugh, but that doesn't invalidate it. I think we all need to be uncomfortable at the moment.


But I will take issue withe your third paragraph, as it contradicts your second paragraph. If you have already concluded that "this is all a bunch of made up accusations" and "if all this crap were true, at least something of it would have popped up before" then you are not thinking for yourself; you're merely serving up the talking points of a single political wing.  So, you know....spare us the lecture. 

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52 minutes ago, methodical said:


How they didn't realize that it was going to make them look like a bunch of chinken-s#!ts that don't have the mental ability nor intestinal fortitude to do their job is astounding, unless of course that's exactly what they are.


Well that is exactly what they are, and why the "female assistant"  was a smart move for the GOP. The minute Dr. Ford finished her statement, I couldn't imagine anything a Republican man could say in cross-examination that wouldn't provide grotesque fodder for who they really are. It was a cowardly move, of course, but probably smart. 



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2 minutes ago, Guy Chamberlin said:

I'm going to go ahead and play the race card because hey, it's Thursday, but just imagine if Mark Judge and Brett Kavanaugh had been black. Or immigrants. How do you think this same GOP would treat the same testimony from the same witness? I mean other than making it the centerpiece of their own midterm campaign?


I actually thought a similar thought this morning. I wondered if people would view Ford the same way they do if she had been a black woman or another minority. Or rather, if it would have been easier to write her off if that were the case. I read earlier the Anita Hill hearings didn't really move the needle much at all on public perception of Thomas. Although that's not really a good comparison since both the accuser and the accused were black.

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