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Chris Jones out 4-6 months

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Jackson played probably his best game as a Cornhusker last week. This was noted by multiple writers/media members.

Every f'ing year...

1 hour ago, Husker_Power said:


I selfishly want him back at CB.  Would honestly rather see him sit to make sure he is 100%.  (I'm sure docs would know)  Wonder how rusty and out of shape he might be.  Whisky a tough team to come out against after a few months out. If Jones is back, I'm guessing Lee sits?


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Excellent news.  Even if CJ8 plays sparingly, he'll bring a nice jolt of energy.  Hopefully he can bring the good juju to rub off on Jackson and Lee.  I'll be curious as to how they manage the secondary.  As a lot folks here have mentioned, Reed is playing really well right now.  I'm not sure if it's feasible to run a bunch of nickel against Wisconsin with the way the Badgers run their offense.  This sets Nebraska's secondary up nicely going forward.

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Hope he's able to play the whole game. I know he's on a "pitch count" but everything I've seen and read is he looks and feels 100% and as if he hasn't missed a beat. MIght take a series to get acclimated again but this is looking like the healthiest the defense has been all season. Should be fun to watch.

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Hoping this works out.  But it seems like a pretty decent gamble.


Back on the shortest end of the recovery time and said to only be playing part of the game does not sound that healthy to me.


If he's not healthy enough to be playing the entire game, I'm not sure he should be out there.  If he's not healthy enough to do that, we're risking poor play at best and reinjury at worst.

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