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Elijah Blades heading to JUCO

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I fully get if you are A. unsure about where you want to go, or 2. unable to make the grades to get there, but if you waiver AND waste everyone's time in the process, while also not putting forth a full and honest effort, that's when it hits the fan.


Good luck in Arizona. See you never.

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General admission requirements:



selective, here are the minimum requirements needed to be considered for admission.

Our Minimum Requirements
4 YEARS English &
3 YEARS Social
3 YEARS Natural Sciences

two with labs

2 YEARS Foreign Language


500 SAT Verbal
500 SAT Math
19+ ACT Reading
19+ ACT Math
A cumulative C average in the academic core, as computed by the university, at all institutions attended, including both high school and college. Students taking dual enrollment courses must present a minimum 2.0 GPA at every institution attended. A record of good conduct. Major or continuing difficulty with school or other officials may render an applicant ineligible regardless of academic qualifications. All applicants must submit the SAT or the ACT test. While UF cannot mix scores from old and new tests, the university will accept the highest subscores from the SAT if you took the test multiple times. The university cannot mix or combine any ACT subscores.




First-time students who graduate from an accredited high school, have successfully demonstrated competency in the required five subject areas, and meet minimum performance requirements are assured admission to the University. These five subject areas are English, mathematics, natural sciences, social studies, and foreign language. Successful completion of a minimum of 16 core course requirements, either at the secondary school level or at the college level, is typically used to demonstrate competency. Performance requirements for freshmen include an ACT composite score of 20 or higher, or an SAT combined score of 950 or higher, or a high school class rank in the upper one-half of the graduating class.

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From what I gathered here he wasn't fully NCAA qualified. The NCAA uses a sliding scale based on gpa and test score (the lower your gpa, the higher test score needed). He had a 2.26 gpa and needed a 1000 SAT score. He didn't get the test score. But he did (just barely) hit the NCAA gpa to be a partial qualifier (2.20).


Anyway, there is nothing that Nebraska can do to raise his gpa or test scores. Thats all on the kid. Take a look at Jaylin Bradley. He worked his ass off in the classroom his senior year to get cleared.

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