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7 minutes ago, Cdog923 said:


I love the way they programmed the Option in '14; you can actually run it as its intended. 

There are definitely some gameplay issues with 13 specifically the triple option. Read option is fine but the triple option, speed option or power option is worthless in 13.


Another big difference is variety of offense. In 13 spread offense is all the same while you have more choices in 14 between an option spread or more of a throwing spread. It still works in 13 but i like the distinction.


Overall they are pretty similar games though except they decided to shut down the servers for 13 so I can no longer update rosters which I'm pretty peeved about considering all rosters I downloaded somehow got returned to the default roster. Luckily I'm already 4 years deep into a Scott Frost dynasty that i started with our current roster and a few of the commits i thought were solid (Jurgens, Farniok, ect.) 

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