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There are plenty of topics about our coach and athletic director, but I can't recall seeing much about our university president or the board of regents.  Aren't these are the people are in charge of UNL?  While they have many obligations, one would think that a profitable, multimillion-dollar sports department headlined by football would be high up on their priority list.  Anyone who wants to debate academics vs sports can look the other way now.


It seems I keep hearing about leadership on our team, and in the athletic department.  What about their leadership?  Why does't the finger pointing ever go higher?  


After last night, and my initially apathy wore off, I started thinking about the board of regents specifically.  Who are these guys/gals?  Do they know what the hell they are doing?  Are they the problem?  The regents approve all, and seem to have gotten some pretty poor results lately.  Not only that, I feel like things are getting worse.  Can these people even be replaced if they are part of the problem?  Should they be replaced?  There have got to be people our there that can put out a great academic product, while still being capable in the sports departments...

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I dont think SE is in any trouble because of Riley.  Since SE has been hired, he has gotten his foot into the doorsteps of some big things and is very well respected throughout those.  


He knows that football is the lifeblood of the Athletic Department and he will make the necessary changes to fix it.  Hell,  he is the one that started the whole recruiting change for football throughout the NCAA because it would benefit us.  

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Behind the scenes you can bet many Regents are talking to SE.


Hal Daub is running for reelection. His opponent is Barbara Weitz. If Weitz wanted to win, she would make Riley issue number one. But she is just running as a vanity candidate. 


In any event, we don't need UNL to become even more like Carleton College, her alma mater.

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