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Call Your Shot - Rutgers

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12 minutes ago, grandpasknee said:

You must surely have a fall out shelter stocked with koolaid.  The rest of us seem to be out.  Care to share?  :-)

I'm all in on the players stepping up this week after Eichorst getting canned, I see it either going downhill from last week or finally putting a full game together. As a Husker faithful I choose the latter :koolaid2:

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Lee comes out on fire, has 4tds and over300 passing, no interceptions. Wilson with 150+ and a td. DPE returns one for a touchdown. The defense goes nuts, looks super aggressive and knocks the Rutgers qb out of the game. We win going away 56-7.


.....or I shut off the tv after the first quarter and drink moonshine in my closet because I am too ashamed to go outside (I live in Michigan and constantly have to defend the huskers).


it could really go either way

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2 hours ago, junior4949 said:

Diaco brings the heat.


 I really hope not. That's probably the only way Rutgers generates a downfield attack.

No, I want the full Diaco on this one. Make that limited offense beat you.

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Eichorst show up through a secret hatch under the field, and streaks across the field with nothing but a Red N tattoed on his lower back.  He is then tackled by security and hauled out, all the while shouting " I just came for my RED STAPLER!"





Oh yeah, NU Wins.

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1 minute ago, Warrior said:

Ugly no matter what the outcome!


Totally. Both teams may just try to grind it out and punt a lot. Expect a lot of risk averse decisions.

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We beat Rutgers easily and everyone declares us back in the west division title hunt.

The coaches tape hundred dollar bills under a thousand seats..... everybody is happy 

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3 hours ago, GSG said:



More of a Cabo Wabo or Jaeger guy myself

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Khalil Davis with another sack, maybe 1.5


Tanner Lee only throws 1 interception and it doesn't result in a score for Rutgers

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Rutgers attempts to establish a pass rush w/ 4 early, but cant... we score an early TD because of this.


They try to establish a running game; but we are stout up front; fotcing a punt...


they start bringing pressure and that's when it gets tough to prefict.


I think we occasionally hit big runs; Lee hits open guys in one on one coverage (yet still only throws aroung 55-60%); but we have to settle for FGs.


Rutgers wont be able to get anything going on offense; their running QB will keep some drives alive with his feet leading to some FGs; maybe some big plays leading to a TD.


I expect a final score/stat line close to:


points - 30

Pass yards - 225

Rush yards - 135



points - 20

Pass - 165

Rush - 125

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