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NCAA Basketball Assistants Arrested in Corruption Probe

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The biggest kicker of them all would be if, after sucking all these years, Nebraska was somehow caught up in all this. 


Well, this can't be good for Adidas:



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This will definitely get worse.




But let's be clear that the FBI has conducted an undercover investigation into College Basketball for several years.




There is no chance in hell they haven't also uncovered, and possibly been investigating on the sly, corruption in football as well.

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What is going to be really interesting is....how does the NCAA get around NOT handing out major penalties almost immediately when the FBI has already done their investigation and arrests have been made?

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Lousiville:  Done

Auburn:  Done ( I think)

Okie State:  Not sure, looks like could be in trouble but it might go back to South Carolina?  Not sure, but Evans will be done.


The real key now...who starts talking in exchange for some help from the FBI.  That will be where real s#!t starts to go down.


This isn't news and everyone knows the shoe companies run CBB but man this is funny to see these guys get busted by the feds...you know they NEVER thought this would be an FBI thing...just an NCAA thing

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