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Racism - It's a real thing.

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I wonder too Zeke - hoping to find some time to dig for that today.  I am sure there are data out there, but probably not taken on at a national level (i.e. done in smaller scale by think tanks or something).  I'm thinking the Indian population isn't as prevalent here but wonder if another nationality slips in at that level (hispanic?).

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On 10/11/2017 at 10:36 AM, BigRedBuster said:

I didn't read the report, but I read the summary in the article.


I find it interesting that it seems like many minorities are more likely to advance in education and more likely to volunteer....etc.  White British males are less likely to go to University.  But, minorities are more likely to be in poverty.


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In hindsight, he now says, he was always more wary of African-Americans and Jews than he let on. “I noticed these differences, even when I didn’t necessarily put emphasis on them or think that they were socially deterministic,” he said. He spoke freely about his “intense, personal antipathy for Jews,” but insisted that he did not hate black people: “I just feel sorry for them and see them as a social problem.” I asked how to square this with the fact that he had a black brother. “He’s only a quarter black,” he responded.



A few times, I tried to ask another obvious question: If you never liked Jews, why did you marry one? The first time, he sighed and then said, “I don’t really know.” The next time it came up, he said, “Jews have certain physical features that I don’t think are particularly attractive. She didn’t have those. I thought she was very pretty.” Nor did she exhibit what he considered typical Jewish traits: “The pushiness, this absolute inability to empathize with others, an exploitative personality. She didn’t have any of that.”


Parts of this story are familiar to anyone who's been on the internet. Others are really hard to understand. Do give it a read.

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14 hours ago, Nebfanatic said:



Been following this story for awhile, and to me it is appalling this girl didn't get charged with a hate crime. What she did was downright evil and cowardly. 



Despite Rowe providing text messages and other evidence to support her claims that her former roommate smeared used feminine products on her backpack, mixing molded clam dip into her lotion and referring to her as "Jamaican Barbie", among other things, Brochu's lawyer Tom Stevens maintains that her actions were not racially motivated.



This story is absolutely sick. I agree with you.


Put the shoe on the other foot. Let's say it is a black girl doing this to a white girl & just straight up calls her "Barbie." 

What would the prosecutorial response? What would the media response be?


I guarantee you Fox News would be going full-tilt insane. This is why people maintain (rightfully so) that all races are not on equal footing in modern America.

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