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Talent Level On The Top 8 CFB Teams


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4 minutes ago, skersfan said:

Do we know what his UCF class is ranked out now?   Getting kids to go to a Florida school from Florida is going to be far easier than to Nebraska.  With Osborne or Solich we never had terribly high classes, I gonna say around 10th would be close to the top and 14 to 15th the last few years for Coach Osborne, going off memory.  We won a lot back in those days, and never really saw the mass input that other teams have seen from it.  IE Bama,  top two for how many years now.  


We all want Coach Frost to do the same thing.  The key to it will be giving him time to accomplish it.  We already have polls up on how long it will take.  Unneeded for any reason I think.  It takes him what ever it takes and he should not be under pressure from it the first day he walks in.  We are getting exactly what most asked for.  Don't make his life a living hell like we have the last two coaches.  Be patient and happy.

UCF is sitting at 51. I don't think anyone is pressuring Frost to succeed but speculating on how long it might take him is only natural 

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On 11/29/2017 at 7:14 PM, Redux said:

I would say for us to be successful and consistently win the West we need to be around 20-30.  Wisconsin doing it with 6 is just insanity.  Their coach and QB this year alone scream .500 to me, but for whatever reason that team has found the perfect rythym and chemistry.  Well that and a softer schedule, I don't expect them to make much noise IF they manage to beat tOSU.

I said in another thread that Wisconsin smothers teams like a wet wool blanket.  They are fundamentally sound in all three phases of the game.  They recruit to a system and culture that they have done for years. IIRC, they are on the 3rd coach in like 5-6 years, 3rd DC in slightly less time.......Plug and Play......


They are a following a blue print that NU created.  Recruit to a system and culture,  develop, develop, develop and get guys who want to truly represent the N....


Hope and help is coming....

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Improvement is not always shown by wins and losses, CCG or division wins.  We have been thoroughly decimated by Wisconsin and Iowa in our own division.  That is where we as a fan base need to be concerned.  Can he get us to playing against our own division competitively.  Then and only then can we guess on CCG participation.


Nebraska developed the system Wisconsin uses it seems as Redux says.  We do not have the system in place and it will take some time to develop it.  I do not expect miracles.  I hope for continued improvement on a daily basis.  He gets us to 8-4 in two or three years, not getting curb stomped by the elite, he will have more than matched any expectation I might have.  This is not 1997.  Many programs are way ahead of us.  Step by step.


But Wisconsin has shown it can be done with players not rated as highly.  Belief in yourself, the system and your team is what is needed.  We now have a coach that has shown he has the ability to develop a team. I am just happy about that, and at this point have no concern about wins and losses.  We have reached the low point, everything is up from here.

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I feel like the name Scott Frost holds enough current value with recruits that he is going to be able to continue bringing in talent right away.  But his debut year is a bad schedule, it's not going to be stockpiling wins.  I just wanna be competetive and see effort and desire on the field in 2018.  Deep down, I feel like we will be back in Indy in a couple years.  But give this guy 4-6 years and he is going to have this program molded back to what made us successful to begin with but a more modern feel.  I'm excited again for the first time in a long time.

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I think the star rankings are a tad overrated, but it's no coincidence these teams that harbor all these guys are also near or at the top of college football.   


Wisconsin is an outlier in so many ways.  Their brand of football takes physicality to the extreme.  That's not to say they don't have athletes.  Quite the contrary, but they don't need an all-world QB to succeed.  Physical, aggressive, fundamental football is their game.  They play defense like we use too.


I do think one way Nebraska can regain a lot of the glory is at the QB position.  A guy that can help your team in so many different ways can be a great neutralizer.   A great QB can cover up for a lot of deficiencies.  

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